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Based in Commack, New York, the sleep medicine experts of Delta Sleep Center of Long Island recognize the importance of a good night's sleep. If you don't sleep well, many aspects of life can be negatively affected, including relationships, jobs, and your ability to lose weight and maintain health.

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"As I got older, I noticed that my fatigue and day time sleepiness was increasing to the point it was interfering with my ability work and to drive safely. Dr. Lown told me I didn't have to suffer that he could help. And help he did. With medication and CPAP therapy I feel 15 years younger!"
—Bruce S.: Sleep Apnea, Hypersomnia

"Dr. Lown changed my life. After 24 years of struggling with insomnia and not being treated successfully, I am sleeping through the night and feel rested in the morning. It took time to find the right combination of therapies, but Dr. Lown was so patient and compassionate he made me believe I could be successful."
—Evelyn Z.: Insomnia, Movement Disorders

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Treating Sleep Apnea & Other Issues

We offer a variety of effective treatments in the management of acute and chronic sleep issues. Your physical and emotional needs are always a priority, and you'll work with a multi-specialty support team for the best possible patient experience throughout the entire therapeutic process. Every patient has different symptoms, sleep habits, and lifestyles, so we work with you to select the treatment that works best.

Dr. Feigenbaum is one of only four board-certified sleep dentists practicing on Long Island. While he started out as an internist, he became active in sleep medicine in 2009. He quickly fell in love with the field, and now is a national speaker on subjects relating to sleep medicine.

Dr. Feigenbaum and the rest of our staff provide a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep problems. Our unique interdisciplinary approach to treating sleep disorders provides a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep patterns at night and levels of sleepiness during the day. Other sleep centers focus only on snoring and breathing issues at night, but we realize there is much more to sleep than that.

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